The terms and conditions of any bookings made with Exclusive Butlers in the Buff are as follows.


Exclusive Butlers in the Buff is an agency who offer entertainment and hosting services for the general public within the UK. The company Exclusive Butlers in the Buff act as agents for self-employed entertainers. Although we have a careful and selective vetting system we hold no responsibility for the butler(s) provided.


Location / Address Details and Confirmation:

‘Customer’ – the person(s) paying for and receiving the service of the butler(s) who are provided by Exclusive Butlers in the Buff acting as agents for the butler(s).


We understand exact venue details may not be available initially and accept booking with Town / City details within a 10km radius. You must confirm the exact location and venue 24 hours prior to the booking in order for us to ensure the punctuality of our butler(s).


We take no liability for mistakes made with the information provided by you and will not provide a refund due to errors in the location details provided.


We will send confirmation to you 24 hours before the event to confirm the location and time, if there are any errors we request the customer provides us with amendments prior to the booking to enable us to ensure the customer is provided with the full unaffected service from our butler(s).


If you fail to inform us of any errors in details within our written confirmation to you we cannot accept liability or provide any refund for this. The customer is responsible for ensuring the information for the booking is correct and without error.  


During the Booking: 

Our butlers are professional but happy to engage and interact, our butlers and the guests might have physical contact if deemed appropriate by the butler but the butlers will not engage in intimate physical contact.

The butlers’ aprons are to remain in place and guests should not attempt to remove these against the will of the butler at any time.

We ask that the guests are respectful to the butlers and if anti-social behaviour does occur it is at the butlers’ discretion to leave the booking at any time with no liability and no refund will be permitted by Exclusive Butlers in the Buff.

We do not accept liability for any for any damage or loss to any belongings during the booking or injuries through negligence ad drunken behaviour. Our butlers will do their utmost to arrive at your destination on time, however circumstances such as travel, traffic and directions can sometimes effect the arrival time. If so, our butlers will provide you with the paid for time slot from the time of their arrival. Our butlers will also contact you to inform you whether they are running late on the day.

Our butlers are happy to take photos of and be in photos with your party guests. We only ask that you do not attempt to take compromising photos of the butlers, e.g. when they are dressing / changing in private.




‘Late Bookings’ – bookings made within less than 10 days from the date of the booking require full payment, we will send you an e-receipt for your payment.

We require payment of a non-refundable deposit at the time of the booking of any booking made within 10 days of the date of the booking. This will be charged at 25% of the overall cost.

If you cancel with 10 days’ notice we will refund your deposit.

Late booking are required to pay full payment upon confirmation of the booking.

Paypal, bank transfer and card payment options are available for payment, further details will be confirmed when you request a booking.


Booking Rates:

‘Rates’ – an indication of our standard fees (subject to change at the company’s discretion once specific booking requirements are provided by the customer)

Discounts’ – available subject to availably and at the company’s discretion, please rely on your quote once you have confirmed details of your requirements to the company.

Our rates begin at a standard charge of Euro 60.00 per hour for one butler, we offer a discounted price for an additional half an hour at Euro 30.00 or an additional hour for Euro 40.00.

We offer discounts for additional butler(s) at Euro 10.00 less than the above quoted prices.

These offers are subject to change dependant on the specific requests and requirements, prices also depend on availability. Upon receiving your booking request / enquiry we will provide an estimate and upon receipt of full information including location we will provide a final quote.

Travel is charged as an additional payment when the location is more than 10 miles from the destination of the butler is charged at Euro 1.00 per mile, we will confirm the additional travel costs upon booking.

Any error made in the quote by omission, typographical or clerical is subject to correction without liability.



Upon arrival our staff require the remainder of payment (after deduction of the deposit already paid by the customer) before the butler(s) commence the work. We will confirm receipt of deposit and the outstanding payment to be provided prior to your booking.


Complaints / Refund:

Our butlers are professional entertainers and aim to please, in the unlikely event that you are dissatisfied with the service provided for any reason we kindly request you contact us to discuss and provide details of your complaint.


Our butlers are not employees of Exclusive Butlers in the Buff and as such are not authorised to handle complaints or provide refunds. Balance paid to the butler on arrival will not be refunded on the same day due to dissatisfaction. We request you contact Exclusive Butlers in the Buff with the details provided on the ‘contact us page’ to provide details of any complaints and we will duly investigate your comments and where we deem appropriate issue a full or part refund.

Opening hours

  • Monday to Thursday: 9:00am to 9.00pm
  • Friday: 9:00am to 10:00pm
  • Saturday: 10:00am to 10:30pm
  • Sunday: Closed

About Us

Exclusive Entertainment was founded in 2012 as part of the Entertainment Group. Our aim was to develop a more professional service and approach to hen parties,birthdays ladies night etc. we provide male strippers, buff butlers and life drawing models to anywhere in Ireland

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