Pass the balloon

Another great one for using decorations creatively! Divide the party up into two teams, and using long balloons, each team member must grip the balloon between their knees and pass it up the line to the rest of their team without using their hands. You have to start again if a balloon is dropped or popped! The first team to get their balloon to the end wins
diy bride

DIY bride

This one can be messy, but is plenty of fun, especially when everyone is feeling giggly! Split the party into two teams and have them create a wedding dress and a maid of honour dress using only toilet roll! You could also try this with safety pins and a sheet. Best dress wins a prize of your choosing, but we think shots will be appreciated!
whos who

Who’s Who

Ask all the hens to write down a fact about themselves. It could be something really simple such as ‘I got married last month’ or ‘I’m related to the bride’, or more elaborate like ‘I’ve broken my nose four times’. Give these facts to the hen to see how well she really knows her hen party. Each hen can then take it in turns to hear which fact has been attributed to them, before they reveal the truth!
mr and ms

Mr and Mrs

If you’d rather have the attention on the bride, why not test her relationship with some Mr and Mrs quiz questions? You could get everyone involved by giving each hen a question to ask and allowing each one to come up with a forfeit if the bride gets an answer wrong. ride gets an answer wrong.
click here to see a sample quiz

Pin the Trunks on the Hunk

Print a large picture of a ‘hunk’ – could be the groom, could be a celeb crush of the bride’s (we recommend Daniel Craig, but that’s just us). Much like pin the tail on the donkey, you can then take it in turns to pin some trunks on him whilst blindfolded. This game could be a lot ruder…use your imagination

Never Have I Ever

This classic drinking game was pretty much made for hen parties – and it’s a great way to find out some more risque things about the other hens.

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