Top 6 most popular hen party themes of 2018

School Girl Theme

Is your old school uniform still hanging in the back of your wardrobe? It’s time to dig it out and dress up as a naughty schoolgirl! Shirts, ties, short skirts and knee socks are the order of the day – and don’t forget to put your hair in bunches! Or perhaps you want to go for something a little more mature – how does dressing up as a strict schoolteacher sound?

Angel And Devil Hen Party Theme

Another classic for any party is angels and devils. To go bad or good for the night – the choice is yours. If you decide to be an angel – make sure to wear all white and have that little halo upon your head. But if you can’t help but being bad for this angels and devils party, wear as much read and/or back as possible (and don’t forget the devil horns on your head, they are classic). With right decorations, costumes and activities, you will take this angels and devils party to a whole new level

1920’s Vintage Gangster Theme

Sparkly dresses, fancy hairstyles and lots of champagne. Now this theme is classic. Who doesn’t know the movie Great Gatsby in which the style and the parties are everything. Take yourself and your girls back in time – dress up as the women of 1920s. This gangster hen do theme will make you look classy, sexy and badass at the same time. If you dress up as the 1920s girls, you’ll be in the centre of attention, this is guaranteed.

Military Theme

If the bride-to-be prefers something crazier and much more adventurous for her last night of freedom, then the army theme is the one that will suit her the best. Put on your sexy camouflage dresses or get military uniforms, organise someone to kidnap the bride, include some military themed games and activities, hire the army stripper guys and get your military party started. If the adventures are what you are looking for in a hen night, then there is no doubt that this theme is the one that you have to go for.

Sailor Theme

The sailor theme is one of the sexiest of all. There’s so many varieties of sailor girl costumes to wear – long skirt, short skirt, pants, t-shirts or just a bikini with blue and white stripes. No matter what you choose to wear – make sure your sailor party takes place by the water or even better – on a boat. Just don’t forget to dress the bride-to-be as a captain of the night. Make this hen do unforgettable with the right costumes, accessories and activities.

Sexy Nurse Theme

To achieve the Naughty Nurse hen party look it should not be difficult what soever for your hens, and also cost them very little expense too. What is vital is to have a nurses dress. As we all know too well these are not standard issue nurse uniform, though I think if your hen party did decide to wear standard issue nurse scrubs then it would be one extremely boring naughty nurse hen party! Your hens will need to get hold of a white or blue nurses costume which will effectively be a mini skirt with a blouse attached that the buttons can open on. 

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